Tuesday, July 29, 2008

4th of July

This is really bigger than Christmas at our house. This year we had over 50 people attend, it is almost becoming infamous. We had a bounce house and swimming pool this year which was great for the kids. Also there were plenty of fireworks to put on a show. We had high aspirations of cotton candy for the kids but the machine turned out to be a dud, thanks Aunt Steph for trying! We also had a popcorn machine like in the movie theaters and that was a big hit. Again, thanks to Aunt Steph. The food, as always was amazing. And it was wonderful having most of our Kern cousins and their families there. It was a great time!

Look at how cute they are waiting for the parade!

Patriotic Zach

My Addabear

Kendall after coming down the bounce house slide

Zach and his 2nd cousin Jeffery. They are both sitting up for the first time. Aren't they adorable!

This picture is priceless!

Plant Family Reunion

This was held over in Eastern Idaho at Island Park. It was so beautiful over there. We had a wonderful time spending time with family and remembering why we love our Plant heritage. Thank you to the Kern family for being such great hosts and making us feel welcome.

I only remembered to take a handful of pictures. Dangit!
Look at all those little blonde girls getting their feet wet at Big Spring.

Addie's First Year of TBall

After trying Soccer last year and sitting through game after game of Addie crying, we put her in t-ball with a lot of reservations. They were put to rest. She did awesome, and had a great time playing.

Half-Marathon Woes

So a couple saturdays ago I went out to do my 7 mile long run of the week and around mile 4 my foot, which had been bothering me a little bit the previous week, just started hurting so bad I could barely run. I had no choice to run home as I was out in the middle of the country. I could barely walk on it for the next three days. I researched all of my symptoms and I have decided it either has to be a stress fracture or a peroneal tendon strain. Both require at least 4 weeks of no running. Needless to say, this has been very frustrating and devastating to me, as I felt I was just hitting my stride, a stride with an extra 30 pounds of baby fat I have been trying to lose, this probably was very detrimental and contributed to my injury.
This most likely also means that I will not be running in the Top of Utah Half I just won't be ready. I will have to choose a race in September or early October. I was really looking forward to running with Sara and Emily and Jessica.

I know, I know.....

I have been the worst blogger ever the past few months, I am recommitting to at least get a couple posts a month up!