Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zach's Blessing

Zach was blessed on Sunday February 24, 2008. He was really sick that morning, but thankfully he slept through it. Travis gave a wonderful blessing. Afterward, my mom was able to get a lot of great pictures before we had to take him to the hospital.

This first picture is of 4 generations of Green men. Zach is the first grandson for Ken, Travis' father, and the first great grandson to carry the Green name for Merrill, Travis' grandfather.

This is also the first great grandson for Valoy, Travis maternal grandmother.

Proud grandparents.

Mom, Dad and Siblings...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RSV Nightmare

We spent two nights with Zach at the hospital Sunday & Monday. He had a cough and congestion since last tuesday but sunday morning he was throwing up all his feedings and his breathing had gotten worse. We took him to church for his blessing and then later at my moms after pictures and dinner his breathing had gotten a lot worse so we took him to the emergency room. I was a wreck. We waited 45 min and finally a nurse looked at him to assess the level of emergency. When they saw his oxygen level was low and how bad his chest was sucking in the got us back immediately. The nurse put oxygen tubes in his nose and he freaked out, I have never seen a baby so upset so I started bawling because I didn't know how to help him. Finally Travis just took it out and they gave us a hose with a cup hooked to it that we held by his mouth. He tested positive for RSV so they took him for a chest xray which after going with Kendall when she was 4 months I opted not to go watch him be put in the torture contraption. The xray showed he had pneumonia as well and they decided to admit him. He was put on oxygen for the first night which helped alot. They took him off the oxygen the next morning to see how he tolerated it and he did well so they left him off for as long as he tolerated it and by the next morning he had gone 24 hours off oxygen so they let him go home. Neither of us slept well. I feel like a walking zombie. He needs to sleep so bad but he is just constantly agitated, he will sleep for a little while and then cough and cry and I will rock him back to sleep. It is an endless cycle. The second night at the hospital he cried straight from 6- midnight and by about 10pm I was crying with him because I couldnt do anything. He was comfort nursing all night and finally after 3 hours of constant feeding and crying he threw up all of the milk all over me and his blanket. We were soaked. I was just sucked dry and he was still wanting to nurse. I just broke down. I was a blubbering fool and I was crying to the nurse, oh my goodness I was such a mess. When he finally fell asleep I was so relieved.
Anyway I hope this post makes some sense because I have not had a lot of sleep the last few nights.
Zach is doing better. His cough sounds terrible, and he still has raspy breathing but they are better. We are holing up in the house for a while. I can't believe he has slept long enough to make this post. Hopefully I can get another post with pictures of his blessing later today.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Travis

The first four songs are dedicated to you, they speak my soul. Remember when I dedicated "But I do love you" to you on the radio. It was my first and only dedication. Im letting the world know how much I love you today. Thank you for putting up with all my "issues" and idiosyncresies. I love the dad you are becoming. You are a good strong provider for our kids and you are someone they can be proud of.
Love ME xoxoxoxo

Zachary Kenneth Green

Just over 4 weeks ago we had a little boy named Zachary Kenneth Green. He came out looking like a little old man. My friend told me that it means he has an old wise soul. I liked that. He was 8 lbs even and 21 inches long. He is a joy and blessing for our family. Addison our almost 5 year old just loves him to pieces and is always vocalizing how much she loves him. She is very caring and loving towards him and is a great big sister. Kendall calls him Zachity and is always calling him cute, but likes to put things on his face and see how high he can go in his swing. She also likes to sit in his bouncer every chance she gets and it is amazing it hasn't broken yet.
He is just starting to realize there is a world around him and is trying to focus in on things and going crosseyed alot. It is so cute! I can't wait for his personality to start developing and for him to start interacting more.

Joining the Bandwagon

I am finally creating a blog, following suit after my brother, sister and numerous cousin blogs. Hopefully I will keep it updated better than my journal! So happy blogging!!!!!