Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kendall's first day of preschool

So Kendall will barely miss the cutoff for kindergarten by 2 weeks. Her cousin Courtney, who was born the end of August barely makes it. So even though they are only 3 weeks apart they will be in different grades! I still cant wrap my brain around this one. Anyway, I will essentially be having Kendall for a whole extra year! I am just hoping she has grown out of her defiant, stubborn stage by then!!! My good friend, "Miss Robin" runs an awesome preschool. Addie went to Little Learners for 2 years and loved it. Miss Robin decided to let Kendall come for half of this year and then will go 2 more years after that. Her first day was the first Tuesday of this month and she thought she was pretty cool going to school like her big sister Addie. I am estatic that for 2 hours twice a week I only have one kid to deal with!

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