Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Big Boy Turns 1 Today!!!!

I can't believe Zach is 1 year old! It feels like just yesterday I was 9 months pregnant and every day felt like a year. Now it is the opposite. It was been such a joy to have this little boy in our family the past year. He always has the biggest smile for everyone he meets. He is fascinated with the fan and loves to watch it go around. He loves cars and balls and likes to bat at them with his hand. His favorite thing though is to have a sock in his hand and wave it. At christmas he got a truck and a tractor but the sock won out! He doesn't talk alot, probably because he is a happy boy and doesn't have much to say. The three words he says are mama, dad and bampa(grandpa). He loves to butt heads with his Dad(these are actually loves) and wrestle with him but still wants mom to hold him from time to time. He loves his Grandpa George especially when he takes him to see the doggies and does animal noises for him. When he gets older he will go for rides in the tractor with daddy and go on Grandpa Kenny's big terragator buggy. He has got some great men to be examples to him and lead and guide him through his life. He is a lucky, blessed boy. I can't imagine life without our sweet Zachary. Happy Birthday son!

Birthday party pics at Grandma and Grandpa Greens house. Man, did he get after the cake. He ate the entire piece. Well, actually most of it ended up in his lap, but he ate his fair share.

Kendall's first day of preschool

So Kendall will barely miss the cutoff for kindergarten by 2 weeks. Her cousin Courtney, who was born the end of August barely makes it. So even though they are only 3 weeks apart they will be in different grades! I still cant wrap my brain around this one. Anyway, I will essentially be having Kendall for a whole extra year! I am just hoping she has grown out of her defiant, stubborn stage by then!!! My good friend, "Miss Robin" runs an awesome preschool. Addie went to Little Learners for 2 years and loved it. Miss Robin decided to let Kendall come for half of this year and then will go 2 more years after that. Her first day was the first Tuesday of this month and she thought she was pretty cool going to school like her big sister Addie. I am estatic that for 2 hours twice a week I only have one kid to deal with!

Christmas Time!

Wow, what a wonderful time of year. I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. The music, tree, decorations, yummy treats, family get togethers. It really is the best time of year. My birthday is also on christmas. It use to be annoying for me when I was younger, but I consider it a privilege as I am older to share my birthday on the same day as the Savior. He is after all the reason for the season as well as the reason we can have eternal families and live with them forever. I am so grateful for Him and for my family that we are eternal.

My most treasured time on Christmas is first thing in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day starts of going from house to house visiting. Everyone is still cozy in their PJ's and we just get to enjoy each other and the kids with no cares in the world. Just love overflowing for each and every member of my sweet family.

Christmas Angel

Every now and then my mom gets the most amazing pictures. What is even more amazing is that those pictures were taken of Kendall! Nicknamed the "White Devil" by no accident, I would call it a Christmas miracle that these shots were taken of such a Christmas Angel, our sweet and sassy Kendall.

Addie's Kindergarten Christmas Party

I got to go help out at Addie's Christmas party at school. It was a fun time complete with a pinata, fun games and yummy treats. Their teacher Mrs. Godsill gave them each a book. They even got to make their own gingerbread house! Addie was really confident about it because she had already had some practice doing gingerbread houses at Aunt Stephanie's house.